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yeah yeah i didnt write but there are Friday Night Videos

27 Aug

In an effort to stop being quite so retro, I went to newer videos this week. i.e. ones released in the past couple of years not 20 years ago like last week.

Grizzly Bear-Knife

I like the song. Video is actually better. This was back before everyone and their dog thought this band was good(which they are mind you)

Bjork-Triumph of The Heart

I doubt Bjork’s ever made a bad video actually. Shockingly I actually like this album now, when it was first released I was kind of hoping for the big dance Post style album that we had been waiting years for.(which we finally got when Volta was released after this album) However, Medulla is the kind of interesting music that people dont attempt to make much of the time and besides dancing cats=wins.

St. Vincent-Cruel

Hey there’s a new St. Vincent video, stylish and strange per usual. Also uses more of that cool funky synthness she’s been using. Coooool solo as well



Friday Night Videos on Sunday Morning

10 Jul

Ok so it’s already Sunday morning but frankly it’s a perfect time for videos

Since we discussed Foster The People not THAT long ago, why not just listen to a far superior version of the band…Actually in hindsight this is probably the superior version of Phoenix too

Phoenix-If I Ever Feel Better


I just heard the Dilla album this jam is on today, it’s still a masterwork. Video is pretty hilarious and great as well.

J. Dilla-Last Donut of The Night


I was tempted to choose There Goes Norman….ah you know what that song is so insanely great that yeah I’m not only posting There Goes Norman but also It’s Gonna Happen. If you dont like The Undertones you should be forced to destroy every guitar based album you own.

The Undertones- There Goes Norman

The Undertones-It’s Gonna Happen