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Yes backlogged news

21 Oct

Mazzy Star is back!!! Oh wait actually they never technically broke up according to Hope Sandoval. With the recent dream pop revival of the past few years and a successful solo tour by Sandoval herself, now might just the time for a return. However if they tour, I’m expecting them to play moments from all three of the previous albums.(ok an all Among My Swan show would be the top.)

This should be the big news of the week, but of course everything got trumped by The Stone Roses “return.” Now I quote this, because I’m still not sure Squire and Brown can make it 6 mos without getting into another fight again. I’m also not sure Ian can sing all the old songs…However, I want it all to work. Every person in England wants it to work. And a selected brilliant group of American tastemakers want it to work. If you haven’t heard the first album, drop what you are doing and do it now. So great news.