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Thursday night videos?!? Bizarro World aka the Canadian Edition

28 Jul

Videos! Just because I feel like it! Actually in an attempt to push my long awaited Much-Music retrospective forward, I decided to reference a couple of awesome videos that I did not find on my old compilations.(or might’ve appeared on the legendary lost Vol 5.)

Weeping Tile- Cold Snap

Oh Weeping Tile, I can’t tell if you were just star-crossed or screwed out of stardom because of  being Canadian. Weeping Tile at their best could punch with Juliana Hatfield, Tanya Donnelly, and the Veruca Salt girls anyday.(But, they couldn’t punch with those Deal sisters… I mean they were mega-famous chicks who definitely could issue quite the rugby tackle any time you touched their booze or heroin) This song is just catchy, memorable, predicts everything Metric would do, and not having this album has haunted me since its release 1996. However, I finally found a copy this week, so now is the time to mention the magic of Sarah Harmer(who’s still around btw) and co.

The Inbreds- Any Sense Of Time

This bass and drums duo made this great pop gem, that still makes me smile everytime I hear it. Love that album, lost in a sea of Canadianness here in the States, but still they did pretty well for a small indie band in that era of Canadian crap rock like Moist and post prime Tragically Hip.

I mean after all Trailer Park Boys used it to great effect…(hope they got more recognition and paper for it as well)

Sloan-Everything You’ve Done Wrong

Sloan have never really gone away. Despite flashes of fame their good classic 60s pop vibe always has been criminally underrated in the US.