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Nellie McKay returns…again

9 Jun

So according to stuff I’ve read on the internets, there is now a cabaret style show starring Nellie McKay about a woman on death row called “I Want To Live!” This idea sounds far more like Nellie than her most recent release Home Sweet Mobile Home, which had asense of earnestness I liked. However, I just wondered if that album really showcased the Nellie McKay we all fell in love with. She had always been so sassy and irreverant, and now she had an occasionally wistful album where she performed raggas about love. Well it seems that this new show could be a return to the classic Hollywood theatrics and hypermodern hilarity that worked so well for her on the excellent Obligatory Villagers. So I’m going to encourage my New York peeps to check it out, since she doesnt seem to want to tour at the moment.

old school Nellie