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Friday Night Videos-Live Edition

13 Aug

Ok so P.I.L. is miming, but isn’t that kind of why the sheer chaos of this afternoon event is so great? And the instrument switch with Wobble ending up on drums is amazing.

Jagger says that performing after James Brown on the TAMI Show was the worst decision they ever made. Yes Mr. Dynamite certainly owned the evening, the performance is legendary for a reason, however the Stones actually play pretty well. I actually think it’s interesting to see an early era Stones at the height of the power with an absurdly energetic crowd. And they play pretty well too.

Gary Numan is so disaffected he doesn’t need to leave a constructivist version of an elderly scooter. From the excellent and finally kind of back in print Post-Punk document Urgh A Music War(Warner Archive will make one on special order…I believe). Arguably my fav moment from a film PACKED with great bands.


Rock and Roll Kills Braincells? (thanks NME)

15 Jun

Just a quick link that is worth your read

NME has done a hilarious series of blogs, “Does rock and roll kill braincells?” which involves quizzing rock stars about random bullshit they’ve said and done in the past. It is also making me chuckle too much during class. This one is about Johnny Lydon of PIL/Pistols fame. Anyway, sometimes you have to huzzah the work of other blogs!