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A Brief Incoherent Live Thought Review of a Weezy Mixtape

14 Jul

Lil Wayne-Sorry 4 The Wait

So this is a quick hits live thought recap(i.e. I’m hearing it right now as I make comments) of the new Weezy mixtape, which has the ever present beat jackin used to greatest effect on Drought 3.

Ok tracks 1 and 2 Tunechi’s Back and Rollin are both missing the energy of greater works. These seemed tossed off at the end of a night’s work.

Shockingly hearing Weezy take on the absurdly overrated Kreayshawn jam Gucci Gucci is somewhat satisfying. Maybe because the beat is odd and should be tailor made for Weezy to actually go off. And yet he almost emulates what she does for the chorus, which wasnt particularly good in the first place.

Sex jam time comes in the form of a Drake take off (Marvins Room)…similar to the weirdness of I’m Single, it’s actually the best song I’ve heard on here with the strangest punchline(Im not a killer but dont push me, but I’ll OJ Simpson that pussy)

Sure Thing-Another interesting r&b beat that actually works with the weird Loverman persona Weezy has been using at times the past year or two. It’s not bad.

Racks-This has at least the kind of beat(from YC originally) that Weezy killed on his last noteworthy mixtape(No Ceilings, because Road to Carter 4 wasnt official or that great). Horns, typical bad 808 drum track aka every good Southern rap song of the past 10 years. Even here Weezy sounds a bit tired, but at least there are flashes of good on this one.

Hands up-Another low key R&B beat allows more slow autotunedish love jams that is kind of meh.

At this point I find it necessary to just skip to the Lil B and Weezy collaboration-Grove St. Party

Hey a beat ripped from Waka, this is more promising. The sheer insanity of Lil B and slight unhinged Weezy appear together, which is enough to make the song good even if Weezy still doesnt hit it half as hard as we ‘ve seen on the assorted Carter IV moments that have been out.

Ghetto feat Akon- Hey this beat sounds like an old 90s west coast beat with Akon doing a hook. Hmm just a snippet of a far larger song from Carter IV. That minute and a half was pretty good though.

Inkredible-Is a perfectly lame Young Money showcase with a Weezy verse. Basically like the Young Money album.

Run The World is just a MVPs by Ice-T style shout out, meh.

Weezy does Adele on the Sorry 4 The Wait this could be interesting… OMG Weezy can rap within the rhythm of the song again. At least he goes in on this, and at least makes new Adele sound better than it is.

Throwed Off has a fantastic beat that I do not recognize and yet somehow to almost prove how unispired this mixtape is…Weezy lets Gudda Gudda kill him on this track. How in the hell did that happen?

Overall this was def more Dedication 3 than Drought 3, full of clunkers with the one or two tunes you’ll prob keep in some retrospective Weezy mix. And it did make me decide to get yet another Lil B mixtape though.



13 Jun

Yes I owe a review of the new Danger Mouse album, but since the Mavericks are playing to win the championship you have to wait! However you do get the legendary Kurtis Blow!