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People say they like Best of Lists…2012 version

16 Dec

PJ Harvey-Let England Shake
This is the first PJ album that did not make me wish she would return to the power-trio Rid of Me, angry Ms. Harvey I love so. Adventurous sampling and instrumentation, hypnotic songs, and thematic lyrics made it the album of the year.

Kurt Vile-Smoke Ring For My Halo
Vile is the new Tom Petty according to some, but in reality he’s just continuing the absurd roll he started with Constant Hitmaker. There’s just so many great lazy slurred Americana songs on this album, that it’s almost a greatest hits collection.

Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi-Rome
Ennio Morricone meets Air meets the earnestness of Norah Jones. Oh and it’s also Danger Mouse soundtracking an imaginary 70s Italo film, which makes for a great listening experience.

Jessica Lea Mayfield-Tell Me
Very young, absurdly talented, and came out with an album that reminded me of an electro-sexual version of Lucinda Williams.

The Go Team-Rolling Blackouts
There are few albums I listened to more than this oddly enough. The saccharine explosion, scrappy raps and punchy horns are every thing you expect from this band, the long-lasting appeal of the songs are still a surprise though.

Yes you like Galaxie 500, yes you like Yuck. Like the album, a couple of super-memorable songs mixed with some perfectly ok, that sounded far better live, which helped me understand the greatness far more.

Cloud Nothings-Cloud Nothings
It was consistent, indie pop goodness, which made for an album that didn’t have a single song I didn’t like on it. And new Albini-esque single No Future/No Past only enhances its power.(Yes this song is on the next album, but still I’m rating and I’m allowing it to boost the score.)

Regina-Soita Mulle
I don’t know Finnish, but the wistfulness and smoothness of this album just works so well. A welcome surprise.

Girls-Father, Son, Holy Ghost
I didn’t like this when I first heard it, but once I realized that the band isn’t so shoegaze and more from The La’s school of jangle pop I got it. It’s a bit top heavy, but also has one of the best first sides in a long time.

Kanye West and Jay Z-Watch The Throne
Finally a hip hop album that you can roll out to! Enough shitty rappers, backpackers, and skaters/rappers. I want something that embodies the arena-rock era of hip-hop in the same way Toys in The Attic by Aerosmith does. And like Eli they deed it.

Wild Flag-Wild Flag
Carrie Brownstein is the lead on everything(no one stops her rock moves, seriously), the players are all pros, and it’s a great big 70’s rock out. That’s more than enough to get on this list. Something Came Over Me, could be my favorite song of the year as well.(It’s top 5 at least)

Biosphere- N-Plants
Strange coincidence and context aside(the album is about Japanese nuclear plants pre earthquakes), this was a really great ambient album in a landscape where those albums don’t come along that often. Fits beautifully with great IDM and ambient records of the past, so it must be good.

Those Darlins-Screws Get Loose
I just like how they sound like The Runaways sloppier more drugged Southern cousins. This album continued the great tongue in cheek madness of the last album, just with more rock and less country which always=win.

Laura Marling- A Creature I Don’t Know
She is a folk star, on her way to being a folk icon. Why don’t you have this album? Oh because you’re American, and we don’t respect her like we should. At least this album sounds like she’s having some fun finally.


Hmm I’m Lazy so Sunday Sunday Sunday Friday Night Videos

22 Aug

Yes I’ve been lazy/at assorted events none of which involved music all of which involved birthdays so I’m posting videos nooooow. I will actually do some type of article at some point, I swear, however good videos tend to be better than my prattle.

Plastics are an amazing band who have a shambolic and frustrating catalog that involves recordings, re-recordings, re-releases, all of which are hard as bollocks to find.(even in the expanse of the internets it has proven hard to complete my collection of their albums.) Anyway they kind of sound like a Japanese version of Devo with a dash of Talking Heads thrown in. Yes there are complete versions of this song on youtube, I just think that the band looks and sound their best in the film Downtown 81(which stars my fav Jean-Michel Basquiat)

Speaking of badass Japanese new wave bands, there isn’t one better than Yellow Magic Orchestra.Future composing heavy Ryuichi Sakamoto and company certainly made an array of great and influential synth pop jams and quickly became megastars in their native land. I could go on and on about them, but I will keep it short and say they are worthy of inclusion in your collection.

Cool 8 minute live frenzy of their classic Solid State Survivor era live lineup doing singles Rydeen and Technopolis

Of course I kind of had to include the sheer absurdity of the fact that this band actually ended up performing on Soul Train… I mean seriously, even Kraftwerk didsn’t achieve that.


But while they didn’t end up on Soul Train, Kraftwerk essentially accomplished everything else. I’m sure I don’t need to intro them, so I won’t.(if you need a refresher that’s what Wikipedia is for) However, the video is a cool historical performance of Kraftwerk version 1. In fact I’ve heard this is the first live appearance of drummer/drum machinist Wolfgang Flur with the band. Notice they look like odd hippies instead of robots, notice that they are performing a song that translates as Dancemusic, and notice just how far ahead of time this song was.(this is pre Autobahn btw, and exists on one of those albums that Kraftwerk seem to have disavowed)