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So the new Justice album…

21 Oct

Audio Video Disco seems to take an array of unhip influences such as AC-DC, The Alan Parsons Project, Yngwie Malmsteen and attempts to fuck them into Daft Punk records. Surprisingly the album works because it forgets the rules of Moroder and turns their french disco into something that could easily be soundtracking Tron and the denouement performance in Revenge of The Nerds.

But, seriously it’s kind of a good album, I found myself actually enjoying the experience, there’s some earnestness within all that grandiose cheese and quite frankly any band that tries to make their synths sound different deserves respect in this Foster the People(yes they really are the Jesus Jones of modern times) laden dancefloor era.

For a band that could’ve written themselves into irrelevant…I find myself willing to vouch for Justice’s ability to bring the good times. Will it just napalm the dance floor? Probably not. That may be exactly why I like it…But, then again like the creators of this album I also have an array of Yngwie and Alan Parsons on my iTunes.


Hmm I’m Lazy so Sunday Sunday Sunday Friday Night Videos

22 Aug

Yes I’ve been lazy/at assorted events none of which involved music all of which involved birthdays so I’m posting videos nooooow. I will actually do some type of article at some point, I swear, however good videos tend to be better than my prattle.

Plastics are an amazing band who have a shambolic and frustrating catalog that involves recordings, re-recordings, re-releases, all of which are hard as bollocks to find.(even in the expanse of the internets it has proven hard to complete my collection of their albums.) Anyway they kind of sound like a Japanese version of Devo with a dash of Talking Heads thrown in. Yes there are complete versions of this song on youtube, I just think that the band looks and sound their best in the film Downtown 81(which stars my fav Jean-Michel Basquiat)

Speaking of badass Japanese new wave bands, there isn’t one better than Yellow Magic Orchestra.Future composing heavy Ryuichi Sakamoto and company certainly made an array of great and influential synth pop jams and quickly became megastars in their native land. I could go on and on about them, but I will keep it short and say they are worthy of inclusion in your collection.

Cool 8 minute live frenzy of their classic Solid State Survivor era live lineup doing singles Rydeen and Technopolis

Of course I kind of had to include the sheer absurdity of the fact that this band actually ended up performing on Soul Train… I mean seriously, even Kraftwerk didsn’t achieve that.


But while they didn’t end up on Soul Train, Kraftwerk essentially accomplished everything else. I’m sure I don’t need to intro them, so I won’t.(if you need a refresher that’s what Wikipedia is for) However, the video is a cool historical performance of Kraftwerk version 1. In fact I’ve heard this is the first live appearance of drummer/drum machinist Wolfgang Flur with the band. Notice they look like odd hippies instead of robots, notice that they are performing a song that translates as Dancemusic, and notice just how far ahead of time this song was.(this is pre Autobahn btw, and exists on one of those albums that Kraftwerk seem to have disavowed)

Friday Night Videos Returns…#1

18 Jun

Deerhoof-Running Thoughts. Yes they have a new album out, but I’ve been more in the mood for this song as of late.

Ricardo Villalobos-I Try To Live(Can I Live) Simply put this is how you make interesting electronic music and DJ, it’s an old classic, but good.

M.A.R.R.S.-Pump Up The Volume

Sample based awesome rocked the 80s, still owns it today. Also love the Space footage. One of the ones I remember from back in the old classic FNV days.

Your favorite danceable grandma

7 Jun

More videos…basically I’m stuck in class, this is the only thing getting me through because it is now on repeat in my head. I just hear the random electro part and her sayin “Who’s that gigolo?” remixing at will like every 10 seconds. Song=great.