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Ok They Got This Wrong:The Worst 90’s song is

7 Sep

I’m sorry Rolling Stone readers you got it wrong.(of course you are Rolling Stone readers in 2011 so I am not surprised) Barbie Girl by Aqua is a bad song, but at least people have some semi fond memories of it. And at least the chick singer was hot. And there is no possible way that it is worse than this song which no one ever requests, sings at karaoke, or potentially enjoys with fondness as it passes across the airways at a shitty Starbucks.

Seriously, you and I both know there is nothing more neutered or absurdly shit as the Spin Doctors. Two Princes is the most Godawful of the lot…watch it at your own risk.


Official Congrats To PJ Harvey On The Mercury Prize

7 Sep

I’d say the Mercury Prize gets maybe one out of three right and even then if you look at their shortlist, they tend to choose the year’s better British records pretty well.

However, score one for the music fans today. Now I’m not saying Adele isn’t a great singer, because if you go back to many rants from 2007/2008, you will recall me saying how great 19 was as an album.

Many of you will have also heard that I kind of hate 21, her new album. First off, I hate albums whose whole tonal message is “Giiiiiirl, my man is so bad to me and yet I looooove him!” (This message is also known as the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack  and every country album by a female artist not named Loretta Lynn.) Here’s a thought, how bout not dating a guy who’s such an asshole. It worked for Tina Turner and she=legend!

My two main problems with the 21 album are in fact that

1)21 has become that album that chicks who know nothing about music rep as an album that PROVES they have good taste in music…

2) There is no Mark Ronson production work…which basically leaves a super talented singer to sing behind spare beats that would make Florence and The Machine blush.(and while I’ve supported Florence for years, she will never be a naturally talented as Adele. In fact after her first single I compared her to our Mercury Prize winner, who we’ll get back to later.) Mark Ronson made the late Winehouse sound even greater, Duffy sound half credible, and Nikka Costa a potential world beater with his funky-nouveau 60’s influenced productions full of sass and brass. If you don’t believe me, you can watch the brilliant Cold Shoulder video…which channels a cool Shirley Bassey vibe instead of being all emo and underproduced.(you can google this because this post really isn’t about her)

Now lets get to the WINNER, who is also  the first two-time winner of the Mercury Prize which is none other than PJ Harvey. For 20 years she’s stomped, rocked, and taken chances all over the musical landscape culminating in this fantastic album. Let England Shake really is the best album of the year for scope, risk, memorable songs, and playing to the artist’s strength. Maybe it’s time for all those PJ haters and those that left the bandwagon post Songs of The City to reappraise what’s really going on in modern times! There’s no doubt that this album ranks among her finest achievements and is THOROUGHLY deserving of the Mercury this year!(It is also worth checking out the video version of the album which is in fact on youtube, it’s a cool achievement.)

PJ Harvey-Written On The Forehead

PJ Harvey-The Words That Maketh Murder

The Cheerfully Wistful Friday Night Videos

4 Sep

Title says it all.

Los Campesinos-International Tweecore Underground

Sarah Records never meant anything to me! may be one of my favorite tongue in cheek kiss offs ever…Los Camps certainly are still getting it done, even though this is an old one.

The Cardigans-Sick and Tired

How can Spotify not have Life btw?  They need to get on that because rarely has a missing album on there upset me more! Anyway this is when they were all young and pretty and still doing depressing songs with an absurd amount of sunnyness.(Not to mention the hilarity of doing a lounge version of Black Sabbath…)

Marden Hill-Curtain

I think my pal Gosey Wales will appreciate this most, since he might be one of like 5 people in America that actually owned the El Records compilation. This may be the only song Marden Hill did that was good, but hey one is better than none.


Ok secretly Sarah Records meant a lot to me… One of the best choruses of the 90s…”I’m not sure what’s that’s for, but I’ll use it. This my art now, falling apart now, for looooooooove.”

On Random Play: Bass Drum Of Death-GB City

1 Sep

Simple effective rock and roll. Wheel not reinvented though. No synthesizers appearing=victory and points in its favor. I like the band, it’s a perfect compliment to your already ballooning collection of Japandroid and Wavves albums. I could prattle on, but I’m doin this Christgau style. If you are seriously tired of the current synth-pop badness, you should get it.

Best Track:Heartbreak Kid