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yeah yeah i didnt write but there are Friday Night Videos

27 Aug

In an effort to stop being quite so retro, I went to newer videos this week. i.e. ones released in the past couple of years not 20 years ago like last week.

Grizzly Bear-Knife

I like the song. Video is actually better. This was back before everyone and their dog thought this band was good(which they are mind you)

Bjork-Triumph of The Heart

I doubt Bjork’s ever made a bad video actually. Shockingly I actually like this album now, when it was first released I was kind of hoping for the big dance Post style album that we had been waiting years for.(which we finally got when Volta was released after this album) However, Medulla is the kind of interesting music that people dont attempt to make much of the time and besides dancing cats=wins.

St. Vincent-Cruel

Hey there’s a new St. Vincent video, stylish and strange per usual. Also uses more of that cool funky synthness she’s been using. Coooool solo as well



Hmm I’m Lazy so Sunday Sunday Sunday Friday Night Videos

22 Aug

Yes I’ve been lazy/at assorted events none of which involved music all of which involved birthdays so I’m posting videos nooooow. I will actually do some type of article at some point, I swear, however good videos tend to be better than my prattle.

Plastics are an amazing band who have a shambolic and frustrating catalog that involves recordings, re-recordings, re-releases, all of which are hard as bollocks to find.(even in the expanse of the internets it has proven hard to complete my collection of their albums.) Anyway they kind of sound like a Japanese version of Devo with a dash of Talking Heads thrown in. Yes there are complete versions of this song on youtube, I just think that the band looks and sound their best in the film Downtown 81(which stars my fav Jean-Michel Basquiat)

Speaking of badass Japanese new wave bands, there isn’t one better than Yellow Magic Orchestra.Future composing heavy Ryuichi Sakamoto and company certainly made an array of great and influential synth pop jams and quickly became megastars in their native land. I could go on and on about them, but I will keep it short and say they are worthy of inclusion in your collection.

Cool 8 minute live frenzy of their classic Solid State Survivor era live lineup doing singles Rydeen and Technopolis

Of course I kind of had to include the sheer absurdity of the fact that this band actually ended up performing on Soul Train… I mean seriously, even Kraftwerk didsn’t achieve that.


But while they didn’t end up on Soul Train, Kraftwerk essentially accomplished everything else. I’m sure I don’t need to intro them, so I won’t.(if you need a refresher that’s what Wikipedia is for) However, the video is a cool historical performance of Kraftwerk version 1. In fact I’ve heard this is the first live appearance of drummer/drum machinist Wolfgang Flur with the band. Notice they look like odd hippies instead of robots, notice that they are performing a song that translates as Dancemusic, and notice just how far ahead of time this song was.(this is pre Autobahn btw, and exists on one of those albums that Kraftwerk seem to have disavowed)

Mumford Who? Laura Marling returns to own your soul

15 Aug

Laura Marling is fetching and blonde again, she also has a new album scheduled for September release. Sophia is the first single and here is its recently released video.(which is quite stunning actually)  I’m torn as to whether this album, the new St. Vincent, or the new Weezy is the most anticipated album of the 2011 half 2.

Friday Night Videos-Live Edition

13 Aug

Ok so P.I.L. is miming, but isn’t that kind of why the sheer chaos of this afternoon event is so great? And the instrument switch with Wobble ending up on drums is amazing.

Jagger says that performing after James Brown on the TAMI Show was the worst decision they ever made. Yes Mr. Dynamite certainly owned the evening, the performance is legendary for a reason, however the Stones actually play pretty well. I actually think it’s interesting to see an early era Stones at the height of the power with an absurdly energetic crowd. And they play pretty well too.

Gary Numan is so disaffected he doesn’t need to leave a constructivist version of an elderly scooter. From the excellent and finally kind of back in print Post-Punk document Urgh A Music War(Warner Archive will make one on special order…I believe). Arguably my fav moment from a film PACKED with great bands.

not so Friday Night Videos:The all Juliana Hatfield edition

4 Aug

I had an intro and stuff, but realistically I just like Juliana Hatfield and always felt she was underrated. In fact time has been kind to her albums, far removed from the Juliana clones who quickly overran the 90’s airwaves and blocked her from the absurd superstardom she rightfully deserved.

Blake Babies- Out There


Juliana Hatfield Three-My Sister


Juliana Hatfield-Universal Heartbeat


Juliana Hatfield-The End Of War